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Overtime is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney pop-punk outfit Dial Denial have dropped their new single, ‘Overtime’. To celebrate the release, vocalist Fergus Harley-Macdonald has shared with MILKY five songs to play when you're working against a deadline.

Overtime is the rejection of fitting in a box," explains Fergus. "We live in a time where living is full of deadlines, panic, and fitting within the cookie-cutter roles placed upon individuals. The talk downs, the 'real job' you need, how you need to go to university or college. Dial Denial believes that everyone these days are overwhelmed, living life faster and faster with no time to slow down as if they're working overtime on just... living."

"In its purest form, Overtime is about slowing down, appreciating the simple things, being happy, and living for yourself," Fergus continues. "Most importantly, the world in which we live is in desperate need of kindness. My dad used to say, 'be half as smart and twice as kind'. This one simple phrase shaped the main themes and messages of this song through Fergus' worldview. You'll find the simple things in life more joy than overtime."

If you're working against a deadline, pump these 5 tunes and you’ll have no problem getting through the work.

This track speaks for itself, fast paced double time drums with slamming guitar riffs leaves little to be desired. A whirlwind of energetic pop punk mixed with soaring vocals is the perfect energy booster for the final push.

A great scene-setter to down 8 cups of coffee while in a sleep deprived panic the night before an exam. The catchy half time chorus combined with the kickass double time verses inspire you to get the job done.

The lullaby melodies in the chorus contrasting the chugging guitars and the punchy drums and guitars in the verse spike adrenaline and encourages you to get stuff done.

From the very first second when the drums kick in, it gives you such a sense of fight or flight. The overlapping vocals between Tom and Mark range from a gang like chant to the sun-soaked melodies of the chorus give it a punchy vibes.

If You Say So is super catchy and it has that grunge in your face unapologetic energy.

Overtime is out now!


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