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Listen to the track below!

Image: Dannydraxx.

Dark-pop artist CXLOE is continuing her run of singles with the release of Close. Written by the singer alongside Eric Leva (Wrabel, Kesha, Celeste) and produced by Sammy Witte (Harry Styles, King Princess, Isaac Dunbar), CXLOE takes us deeper into her dark sonics, bringing a maximalist-pop approach to the track.

Speaking of the track, CXLOE shares: “Close was written during a time that in my life I was continuously putting myself out there but getting nothing in return. The song is about the struggle of wanting to commit to something or someone but they’re not ready to make the jump for you."

She elaborates further, From my perspective, I was being flown around the world to meet with record labels in which I gave my all, but was never able to close the deal and have the commitment reciprocated. This song reflects on learning about your worth, values, and what you are willing to compromise for another person. This sentiment is best captured in the chorus lyric "I keep dealing up my soul cash in a feeling, made these doors go flying open, I just wanna close them" It can be utterly disappointing to not be able to close the deal, but when you do...the pain is all worth it

Following on from the release of her debut EP, Heavy Part I, the singer performed to sold-out crowds across Sydney and Melbourne, before joining The Veronicas on their Human V Godzilla Tour.

Close is out now! Listen to the song below.


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