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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Her new track, Heavy, is out now!


After a string of single releases, Australia’s princess of dark pop CXLOE has finally announced her long-awaited and highly anticipated debut EP, Heavy, Pt. 1. The announcement comes with the release of the singers new track, Heavy, and its accompanying music video.

The six-track EP, out next month, sees the singer adopt two well defined personas: CXLOE and Chloe. CXLOE is characterised by darkness, complexity, depth, sharpness and extremes while Chloe is warm, organic, vulnerable, wholesome, and stripped-back. Having struggled to navigate her the differing sides she finds within herself, the release will see the singer offering herself acceptance and permission to be complex and multifaceted, hoping her listeners will feel inspired to do the same. Through juxtaposing these two personas on the EP, listeners will be completely immersed within the singer herself, with an overall message and reminder to be comfortable with who you are, throughout anything we may face.

“For a long time I struggled with the two sides - I thought I had to choose one way or the other,” she explains. “But as I’ve grown as a person and an artist, and in the process of creating my music and this EP, I’ve realised that both sides wouldn’t function without the other.”

On her debut, CXLOE has collaborated with co-writers Michael Pollack, The Futuristics, Trey Campbell, Kito, Casey Smith, Boyboy to name a few, with Andrew Wells producing the body of work in its entirety that was mixed by Michael Freeman. Together, they have created an EP that continues to explore the singers signature dark-pop sounds, which CXLOE categorises as “dance-cry music”.

Set to feature the previously released 12 Steps and One and Lonely, CXLOE has shared the title track from the release, Heavy. Of the track, the singer shared “Heavy is all about the feeling I feel most days. The song talks about a relationship that was once light and full of love but now carries too much weight to handle. I feel this extreme switch with a lot of things in my life and most of the time it's self-sabotage. Another beautiful trait of mine.”

Released in July this year, 12 Steps was written from the singers own experiences and conceptually takes on the form of the steps within recovery programs. The follow up track, One and Lonely, navigates the highs and lows of life on the road resulting in the singer spending time the majority of her time away from her partner.

Amassing more than 35 million streams to date, the singer recently revealed she has signed deals with with Sandlot Records and is in global partnership with AWAL Recordings. Heavy, Pt. 1 is out October 16!

Heavy is out now!


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