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Listen to the release below!

Image: Shannen Bugnot.

Emerging artist Cody Jon has delivered his debut EP, untied shoes.

Featuring the singles Becky's Plan, STAGEFRIGHT and Dirty Dancing, the seven-track release serves as a coming-of-age tale. Across the collection of songs, Jon documents his own thoughts and experiences with love and navigating life as a young adult. Ear-worm melodies are laced throughout, brought to life by the musicians polished vocals and relatable lyricism. untied shoes brings together bedroom-pop and indie-pop influences to create playful soundscapes that shimmer throughout.

"untied shoes is my coming-of-age project. I wrote this EP when I was 18/19, the title encapsulates that timeframe in my life perfectly. Graduating high school and working out what on earth I’m doing, technically an adult but with the life experience of a kid. Acting like a grown-up while tripping on my untied shoelaces. I wrote each track based on different people/types of people I saw in my world." the singer shares.

Last year, Jon began making a splash in Australia's live scene, supporting American singer-songwriter Tai Verdes and Australian musician Clinton Kane, and has shared the stage with the likes of Gretta Ray, Xavier Dunn, Peach PRC, and more. Taking to the stage at BIGSOUND last year, the musician took MILKY along for the ride! Watch the video below.

untied shoes is out now!


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