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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jackie Dixon.

Melbourne production duo Close Counters are keeping the heat, with the release of their new song, SPEAK IN TRUTH. The pair have teamed up with 30/70’s Allysha Joy to create a high energy track that will have you grooving along.

The track fuses together broken-beat flavours with Close Counters signature soundscape at the crossroads of house, neo-soul, hip-hop and disco, made complete with Joy's rich and mystic tones.

Speaking of the track, Joy shares: “This was such a beautifully healing and fun song to write, the words came from a reminder to myself, to tell the damn truth!! After returning from an incredible European tour with 30/70 last year, I honestly felt depleted, depressed and disconnected, to put it lightly! I was so lacking in self confidence and positive energy that i had begun to really shy away from challenging conversations and writing this song was a kind of 'get your shit together' moment for me. I felt really disconnected to the people that I love, I felt I was protecting them by being polite or quiet or pretending to be 'okay'. I was so afraid of the judgement; left dimming my light for the sake of other people. But wow it can be so much more damaging for ourselves and those close to us if we pretend, if we stay silent, if we don't tell it how it is, honestly! Speaking your truth and allowing others to do the same cultivates spaces of healing and connection. We are all human, we all want connection and we all want honesty.”

The duo are set to take to the stage in Melbourne later this month, performing to three sold-out crowds, to celebrate Melbourne Music Week. In a relatively short spanning career, Close Counters have swept crowds supporting Sofi Tukker, Roland Tings, Tall Black Guy and their most recent East Coast headline tour of Australia saw the team continue to sell out shows with an impressive 1,100 tickets across two shows at Melbourne’s infamous The Night Cat after gracing the Meredith Music Festival stage at midnight ahead of Liam Gallagher on the billing to which the amphitheater was left heaving and punters enthralled.

SPEAK IN TRUTH is out now! Listen to the track below.


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