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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Maya Luana.

Sydney-based sister duo CLEWS have just delivered your new favourite track! Want You That Way is a shimmering jewel the duo are gifting to their fans, full of honesty, energy and elation. The release is accompanied by a stunning visual, directed and produced by Maya Luana.

Thematically tackling how relationships can leave a lasting affect on you, the bittersweet track calls for letting go of the past and looking forward to the future instead of yearning for things to return to how they once were. Influenced by their love for 90's rock, Want You That Way fuses together alt-rock and pop sounds, creating a textural soundscape that accompanies captivating harmonies and zesty vocal performance from the duo. The tracks music video depicts the sisters within an idyllic beach scene, sipping on martinis whilst busting out some lavish synchronised dance moves in daring black outfits.

"This song came with the heart wrenching revelation that there's no need to hold on to people who can’t be who you want them to be,” says “I wrote Want You That Way on a rainy day when I was reflecting on my oldest friendship from childhood that’s so non-existent now it’s like it never happened. It's about how lots of different relationships can affect you; your friendships, romantic relationships, your future relationship with the child you’re going to adopt someday, your past relationship with versions of yourself. I’m approaching 25 years of being single, an experience that I feel quite alone in because I haven’t heard too many people talk about it. This song made me realise that although I’ve never been in a long romantic relationship, my friendships have taught me a lot about love. It’s sad that sometimes people have to get cut out to let others in. But in the end, I hope this song serves as a proclamation of self-love and the confidence to be happy on your own.”

Making the most of 2020, the duo spent their time crafting their debut body of work, whilst continuing to perform and create new live experiences for fans. Having recently returned to the stage, supporting DMA'S and Tash Sultana in Sydney, CLEWS also performed two sold-out headline shows at The Landsdowne, as well as gigs across the coast of NSW. The band’s development as a live act has influenced their songwriting, with a certain looseness and a natural approach to performance putting their light and loving dynamic as sisters on display and permeating through new studio recordings.

Want You That Way is out now! Watch the music video below.


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