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Listen to the track below!

Image: Caleb Klimak.

Melbourne-based artist Chloe Booth has shared her new single, Backseat. Written alongside songwriter and producer Caleb Kilmak, the track is just the first taste of a string of releases from the singer throughout 2023.

Leaning into pop-rock influences, Backseat introduces us to the singers nostalgia-fuelled sonics, channelling notes of early 2000's pop-punk and its contemporary resurgence. Booth's earnest performance narrates conversational lyricism, as she explores forging your own path and taking control of your life, jumping into the front seat and leaving behind the fears and anxieties of feeling unsteady.

“There’s so many external forces that can control the way we think and who we are, comparison being one of them, this song is the realisation that everyone is on their own journey, it’s just up to you to be confident in that" Booth shares.

Backseat is out now!


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