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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


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Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Australian rap phenomenon ChillinIt returned to the stage in Sydney over the weekend on his One Night Only Tour, to celebrate the release of his ARIA #1 Australian Album, FAMILY TIES.

Opening with Energy, the rapper crafted a well rounded set that explored his four-album catalogue. Bringing his signature spitfire flow and charming personality to the Metro Theatre, ChillinIt captivated his audiences as he darted across the stage, interacting with them between songs and treating them to a handful of surprises including bringing out Australian mixed martial artist Tai Tuivasa to throw back a shoey.

With his brother DJ bbrock by his side, the rappers triumphant return to the stage was well and truly a a family affair. Sending the crowd wild on songs including Henny & Reefer, Dreaming Of This Day, Cashed Out Stoner and more, ChillinIt took the performance as opportunity to honour those who have stood by him since the beginning, in particular paying tribute to his late grandfather, William Turnell.

Giving an unparalleled performance, the rapper effortlessly dominated the stage, revving up the crowd with his commanding performance atop pumping beats. Both fierce and sentimental, the show was laced with sprinkles of ChillinIt's cheeky personality, whilst also further showcasing the maturity present on FAMILY TIES.

Watch our interview with ChillinIt below.


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