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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Billy Yarbrough.

Southern California group Casual Vice have dropped their new single Antihero, complete with a visual that highlights historical antiheroes. The track explored life’s contradictions and casual vices, with the duo presenting the idea that everyone has something that controls them in one way or another and that life is a great balancing act.

Conceptually, Antihero explores the internal battle of restlessness vs. the commanding stickiness of love, juxtaposed by the upbeat, light beat and catchy chorus. The tracks accompanying lyric video is a celebration of historical figures the band feel encompass the word “antihero”. Scrolling through a piece pf parchment whilst the lyrics appear, so do images of Tom Waits, Mr. Rogers, and Bob Marley, figures who the band feel let their weaknesses shine alongside their strengths in all their glory.

Songwriter Kyle Krone says, “Juxtaposition and duality are interesting to me. I’m attracted to the antihero. This song was all stream-of-consciousness, it was an exercise in getting out of my own way.”

The musical project of Producer/singer Kyle Krone and singer Brandon Hoogenboom, the duo met as backing members of another act and immediately hit it off. “Working with Kyle has been a sort of creative renaissance,” Hoogenboom says. “We’ve channeled this amazing output of creativity I’ve never experienced.”

Antihero is out now! Watch the lyric video below.


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