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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Peter Cheng.

Boorloo/Perth-based artist Burrow has shared his debut single, Spiral. The musical project of Drew Kendell, Spiral shies away from the musicians previous hard rock exploration with his former band Surroundings, instead leaning into more alt-rock sonics influenced by the musicians appreciation for shoegaze and ambient soundscapes.

Opening with an ear-worm bass line and closed hi-hat drum work, the songs swelling soundscape erupts into an engaging alt-rock infused chorus where Kendell's captivating vocals are joined in harmony by fellow Boorloo/Perth-based artist Lo's soothing harmonies. Creating an atmospheric palette, the cathartic release is laced with storytelling lyricism that explores trying to break free from perfectionist behaviour.

"Spiral is an exploration of perfectionistic behaviour, patterns rooted in fear and coping mechanisms that no longer serve me. It’s a reminder to connect with my inner child and know that life is a process and being human is a process.” the musician shares.

He adds of the visual, “The accompanying video was filmed in Nannup, in the South West of Western Australia. It was a collaborative effort between me and my friends/colleagues in the film industry. It was a necessary therapeutic experience, showcasing myself in a vulnerable way whilst revealing abstractions of some of my fears around intimacy and relationships.”


Spiral is out now!


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