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Her debut album Stellar Lights is out now!

Image: WILK.

To mark the release of her debut album Stellar Lights, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brigitte Bardini is giving us some insight into her experiences as a solo female producer.

My experience so far has been that it's liberating to be a solo female producer. I think the way I’ve gone about this whole journey to the release of my debut album, Stellar Lights, has been to stick to my vision, don’t compromise and focus on carrying out the goals that I set for myself.

I think an opportunity that being able to produce has given me in relation to COVID especially has been being able to create tracks from home. During the lockdowns this year in Melbourne so far as well as a lot of last year I was churning out track after track because I had the time and needed that as a focus. So to have all my instruments and gear at hand has been an absolute necessity and so convenient.

Heartbreaker felt like a huge victory in the way that I felt it displayed more confidence in my production and I saw that evolution across tracks I’d created previously. It is hugely satisfying that I can sit down when inspiration strikes and lay down a track in the way that I want to hear it. That’s one of the best things about it...I can feel totally connected and responsible for the way things evolve and where I’m going as an artist. I naturally found that I needed this kind of control entering my career in music as so many of the artists that I admire are multi-talented and can go above and beyond in terms of their skill set. These artists include Thom Yorke, scritti politti, PJ Harvey, Beck, Richard Aschcroft, Ian Brown, Damion Albarn and the list goes on. I feel that because of this I have a responsibility to keep learning and advancing what I can I learnt guitar a few years back when I knew that’s a skill I needed to create my music, I also learnt about software for production as well as how music works on a more technical level.

I think from here the main message to myself everyday is that I am deserving and that nobody can undermine what I can do and who I am as an artist. It gives me so much confidence to see incredible artists like Alison Goldrapp, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Joan Jett, Elizabeth Fraser and so on, paving their own paths in the industry. When I saw that video of PJ Harvey at Big Day Out owning the stage, playing an electric guitar in her red dress and pumps I was completely inspired and in awe. Even stories from The Runaways and the bravery it took for this group of young girls to take the music industry on in the 70s with Joan Jett later creating her own label to release her music under and take that initiative no matter what the big labels said.

Stellar Lights is out now! Listen to the album below.


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