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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with BOY SODA below!

Emerging Darkingjung/Central Coast artist BOY SODA has treated us all with the release of his debut EP, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING. To celebrate the release, the musician will take to the stage at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel tonight, with limited tickets remaining.

The musical project of Brae Luafalealo, BOY SODA's debut EP is letting you know that SODA szn has well and truly arrived! Creating a dynamic collection of songs full of booming moments and vivid lyricism, offering self-reflective and introspective tracks, as well as songs that celebrate who you are. The EP's opener, TWENTYOH5, enlists Sydney-based musician lovemedo on co-production, and sets the tone for the journey that is to follow. Documenting his own rebirth and self-examination, Luafalealo's soaring vocals reach new heights on the track, laced with mesmerising falsetto tones.

The couplet of RIDE and LONELY presents two different ends of the spectrum of love, exploring a blossoming relationship and the demise of one. Fusing together threads of RnB and electronica, WELCOME TO THE GLOW UP is a celebration of how hard work and self-love can lead to a sense of confidence and happiness. The track invites listeners on the singers journey, offering them a place on the ride as BOY SODA continues to rise. LOVEU2BITS is built upon thumping 808s, as Luafalealo celebrates love and the time spent with those who matter the most.

Continuing his captivating exploration of R&B sonics, Luafalealo effortlessly weaves between captivating flows and bright soaring vocals, above simmering soundscapes that bring upon nostalgia-fuelled moments, whilst exisiting within a contemporary realm. Across the board, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN THINKING AND FEELING serves as a reminder to stay present and acknowledge our purpose is significant, no matter how big or small we may feel.

“From track one (TWENTYOH5) to the closing song (BIG), I wanted to create this arch that started around an experience of pure emotions and concluded on a reflection of thought. I still drive the car my grandparents gave to me, I grew up in it, and it’s very fitting that it’s on the front cover because it’s a timestamp of how I think and feel right now. I hope this project curates long, late night drives and important conversations with yourself and the people around you. I hope it plays as the sun hits your face for the first time in the morning and again at 3am when your thoughts are loud.” Luafalealo shares.

Since making his way onto the scene in 2019, BOY SODA has gone from strength to strength. Having opened for Dominic Fike at the Converse x Camp Flog Gnaw event, the musician has dropped a string of bangers which caught the attention of his new label home, Warner Music Australia.




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