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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Blood Youth's new single Iron Lung is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Last month,UK-based hardcore four-piece Blood Youth dropped their new single, Iron Lung. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY five emerging artists we should all listen to!

Speaking of the track, frontman Kaya Tarsus shares: “We really wanted to drive our boundaries to the breaking point in terms of musical ability and possibility. Everything from the writing to the set up through the recording to the entire production cut from a different source. We tried things we've never tried before, we talked to each other about things we've never talked about before. The music industry and the world we live in is so full of leeches, you never know who you can trust. Everyone wants to be your friend; everyone wants to be involved but at the end of everything we're the ones left in the dirt. And a lot of that pain and anger we feel was injected into this.”

Check out Blood Youth's Top 5 Emerging Artists below.


Static Dress are one of those bands where it’s just a complete idea dragged out of somebody’s mind and into reality and done just the way they want it without anyone’s help and done perfectly. They own their own world, don’t sound like anyone else (well not from this era) and do everything themselves. The vocalist Olli has always been on all of our tours working with us on visuals, videos, photography for years and to see his ideas come to life is great to see. Huge respect and a massive future for those guys!


Not really sure if up and coming, but the guy is real. I’ve never met/spoken/seen someone with such an honest, energetic and real approach to music. Bookie doesn’t care what musical world you come from; he blends it all into one creative outlet that truly welcomes everyone. I have so much respect seeing this guy do what he does. I love watching him talk, perform and just go off. He truly loves music and the way he breaks down barriers and unites people is something you don’t see a lot of anymore. His music may not be metal from the first listen, but his energy and self-purpose is why he’s just as heavy as any other artists in this scene.


UNITYTX is on this list because they’re fucking HARD. Always loved this band from their first releases, and only recently become close with their vocalist Jay and that guy knows his shit. Another fellow nu-metal lover and just someone you love to see work. I really want to tour with these guys, they do what’s already been done before but the way they do it makes it seem like it’s never been done before.


Only recently through lockdown have I heard of this band but man, they slay. I love bands that just have that chaotic sense to them, something that’s very rare in this overly organised and ruled world of music these days but off a first encounter with this band, they definitely deliver that smash to the head that not a lot of bands do these days. Reminds me Code Orange/END/NAILS but on crack.


Death Blooms again are a new one with me, only recently heard about them but once again they seem to be killing it. They recently played the Download Pilot over here in UK and some of the videos I saw from their set looked insane. Like a modern spin on nu-metal, huge riffs and great composing. A band I can imagine going super far if they play their cards right, one thing is for sure though - we’re going to tour with them. And I’m going to watch them every night.

Iron Lung is out now! Watch the visual below.


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