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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jeff Andersen Jr, set by Candy MT

After a four year hiatus, Aussie duo Big Scary are making their grand return, announcing the release of their fourth studio album, Daisy. The announcement is accompanied by the release of the records lead single, Stay.

The track is built upon epic percussion, with frantic synths that mirror the conceptual nature of the track, Stay navigates the anxiety that can follow when leaving a space in which you feel safe and protected. The track also presents the flip side, acknowledging the quiet gratitude that the invitation from friends is offered. The release is accompanied by a visual written by Syme, which sees Big Scary member Tom Iansek caught in a loop of panic, cooped up inside.

The musical project of Jo Syme and Iansek, the duo have characterised the new record as their most playful yet, with plenty of drama, and for the first time, no guitars. “Important to the understanding and creation of the album, and everything accompanying it, is a DIY ethos where we challenged ourselves to learn more about what Big Scary is, improving our collaboration on recording, writing, artistic concepts, artwork and how to share our world with fans. Important also to the music is its self-assuredness (or at least a desire for it) - an okayness with being exactly who we are. ‘Mistakes’ were left in the music rather than straightened out or erased. We want to present ourselves more as we naturally are, rather than an image of what we’d like to be.”

Daisy is out April 30! Watch the music video for Stay below.


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