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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jeff Andersen Jnr.

With their fourth studio album, Daisy, set to drop later this month, Aussie duo Big Scary have dropped the visual for their latest single, Get Scary.

Continuing the spooky and funky theme set out on the track, the visual takes its influence from The X-Files, Twin Peaks and The Cohen Brothers, with the duo performing a bevy of miracles on local townsfolk. Written and directed by Joel Checkely, the visual stars an true locals and sees the lame healed, a body rise from the dead, and mass street dancing.

Speaking of the visual, Checkely shares: “The idea started off pretty playfully, inspired in part by a solid episode of the X-Files (thank you, lockdown). For obvious reasons, I decided to place Tom and Jo at the heart of the story, but wanted to pull them out of their usual personas and push their acting chops to the limit. At its heart, the clip is about elevating the idea of BigScary to strange new heights, but the more I listened to the song while developing the concept, the more I started to notice all the thematic threads snuggling up together. Sometimes life - and consequently our thoughts - can be downright bizarre. We can find ourselves lost in a haze. Conventional wisdom suggests that we find ways to engage with these bizarre feelings and moments, but maybe all we need is a Tom and a Jo in our lives to remind us to Get Out!”

The musical project of Jo Syme and Iansek, the duo have characterised the new record as their most playful yet, with plenty of drama, and for the first time, no guitars. “Important to the understanding and creation of the album, and everything accompanying it, is a DIY ethos where we challenged ourselves to learn more about what Big Scary is, improving our collaboration on recording, writing, artistic concepts, artwork and how to share our world with fans. Important also to the music is its self-assuredness (or at least a desire for it) - an okayness with being exactly who we are. ‘Mistakes’ were left in the music rather than straightened out or erased. We want to present ourselves more as we naturally are, rather than an image of what we’d like to be.”

Daisy is out April 30! Watch the music video for Get Out below.


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