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Listen to the track below!

Image: Slate Media.

Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist Bella Jane has revealed her new single, Still Be Friends.

Produced by Tom Eggert (Sloan Peterson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Cub Sport, HANNI, Benji Lewis), the track continues the singers exploration of pop-based sonics, built atop endearing guitar melodies and considered production. Jane's delicate and vulnerable vocals bring to life storytelling lyricism that explores finding your own power within a relationship and backing yourself.

“The bridge talks about coming to terms with the sadness behind it. The rest of the song is upbeat and uplifting to claim your power back. It’s a little period in the song where you grieve for the past and present of the relationship but understand that the ‘future you’ needs things to change in order to be happy.”

Having studied at Music Industry College, Jane penned HANNI's 2020 release, Golden Eyes. Since then, the singer has been focusing on her own musical output, sharing her debut single Light On in 2021.

Still Be Friends is out now!


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