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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Sydney duo Barley Passable have followed up their debut single Whether Or Not with the catchy and infectious, Step Inside.

Made up of Kai Ollman and Davy Brown, the duo conceptualised the track around self realisation and growth, reflecting on past situations and their perspective on them. Complete with an infectious bass line, the track showcases the pairs distinct vocals over a funky soundscape.

Of the release, the duo share: "'Step Inside' is an anthem about self realisation and growing the most from negative situations. Revisiting old memories of young love, the song reflects on how perspective can shape how you come out of any situation. Telling a story of how being caught up in the moment of a relationship that turns sour can become so consuming that you lose all perspective. It is only with time that you can truly let go, move forward and hope to learn that where you are now is better off because of your past experiences. The outro serves as this moment of realisation where the chorus lyrics are now mixed with the elation of the new instrumental. We wanted to get across a real time feeling of coming to the understanding that finally, being far away from this relationship has itself become the best possible outcome for everyone."

Forming in early 2019, Ollman and Brown joined forces after a mutual distaste of their studies. Taking influence from French Disco and Euro Pop, they spent the next 12 months writing, releasing their debut single All I Have, in June this year.

Step Inside is out now! Listen to the song below.


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