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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based duo Barley Passable are keeping up the momentum, announcing the release of their debut EP, Hindsight. Having already released two stellar tracks from the EP, the pair have today shared their new track, Turnaround.

Made up of Kai Ollman and Davy Brown, the duo share of their debut EP: "We are so excited to announce our EP Hindsight, out March 3rd. A year in the making, all made for you."

Influenced by French Disco and Euro Pop, Ollman and Brown bring their own distinct and unique take on the genre, with Turnaround serving as the latest track in a string of irresistible tune. The pairs distinct vocals combined with scintillating synths is screaming to be played on the dance floor, and is sure to get you grooving along.

Forming in early 2019, Ollman and Brown joined forces after a mutual distaste of their studies. Taking influence from French Disco and Euro Pop, they spent the next 12 months writing, releasing their debut single All I Have, in June this year.

Hindsight is out March 3! Listen to Turnaround below.

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