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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Greg Lewis

bambi, aka Dominic Simper, has shared the mesmerising music video for his track, élan vital.

Directed by Kristofski, the nostalgic visual was filmed on location in New Zealand and Los Angeles. Captured on film, the music video serves as the perfect accompaniment to the track, capturing its surreal and ethereal qualities and the classical minimalism presented on the track. Simper shared: "The video is a not so subtle homage to a Shirley Clarke short from the 50's titled A Moment in Love,” says Simper of the video. What struck me the most was the way the energy and movement of the dancers blended with the natural environment - in some ways perfectly encapsulating the concept behind the track. Kristofski, whose work I've adored for years, was an obvious choice in terms of putting it together."

Simper, a long time touring member of Tame Impala, revealed his debut solo project in August, under the name bambi. The mesmerisingly beautiful project is an ode to Simper’s admiration of Japanese new age music, whilst also referencing 60’s and 70’s European film soundtracks and 20th century classical minimalism. unfolding is an examination of constructed realities, allowing listeners to create their own interpretations of the instrumental tracks. Mixed by James Ireland (POND), unfolding creates vast soundscapes with sparkling synthesised sounds, dreamy strings and piano. Simper recorded the EP at his home whilst living in the Netherlands. The hypnotic debut is as focused as it is enchanting.

Of the release, the musician said: “unfolding encapsulates the underlying movement behind everything. Each second the course of our lives, our relationships, our hopes and dreams are unfolding. Everything is always evolving and changing - there’s no such thing as staying still, despite our seemingly inherent desire to hold onto things as they are. This applies to the music as well - I love the idea of rather simplistic melodic fragments bending, weaving and dancing their way around each to create movement”

With unfolding, Simper joins his fellow Tame Impala members in releasing their own solo projects. The release follows Julien Barbagallo, Cam Avery and Jay Watson’s who released their latest album as GUM, Out In The World, earlier tis year.

unfolding is out now! Watch the music video for élan vital below.


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