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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new album is out October 23!

Image: Supplied

Five-piece indie rock band Ball Park Music have dropped the latest song from their upcoming self-titled album. Cherub is an introspective track that builds to a glimmering crescendo.

The track has been on the bands minds for years, with front man Sam Cromack saying, “The main tune had been kicking around for years and it was Dean who implored me to develop it into a song. A chorus came together pretty quickly. It was pure escapism; it felt easy to imagine a character who runs away and rips a phone number from a flyer to start a new life.”

After playing with the track and unable to settle on verses, the musician the finished the song one night whilst sitting in a rocking chair, lulling his daughter to sleep. “I left her room, tip-toeing across the finish line with a song called Cherub; a song that looks curiously inward until, finally, it implodes, collapsing violently in on itself and leaving shimmering debris as far as the eye can see.” Cromack added.

Filmed in isolation, the music video has a particular focus on nature. With the world in lockdown earlier this year, band member Dean Hanson found the opportunity to focus on his own living quarters, noticing his garden was home to an array of butterflies. Cromack explains “With fuck all to do, Dean spent his days in the yard with his camera, chasing butterflies and channelling his inner Attenborough. When he shared his efforts with the band we were blown away by the simple beauty of what we saw and knew instantly that it should accompany one of our songs.”

Cherub is out now. Watch the music video below!


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