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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Australian musician Baker Boy returns with his second release of 2020, Better Days. The track features the musicians longtime collaborator, Dallas Woods, and rapper Sampa The Great.

Whilst the song was written in 2019, the release comes at the perfect time. The honest and hopeful track is one that will resonate with listeners offering a moment of comfort in uneasy times. Better Days sees three distinct voices join forces, incorporating English, Yolngu Matha and Bemba, celebrating culture and shared experiences through language. Each artist opens up about their own experiences, navigation themes from oppression to imposter syndrome and the cultural expectations and pressures placed that can be placed upon you.

Speaking of creating the track, Baker Boy shared: “The whole studio time we had was amazing. The first time, seeing Sampa actually perform in the recording session, I got a surprise when she started singing. She’s got an amazing voice. I’ve always listened to her rap and to hear her sing, it was a whole other level. In the first part of Sampa’s verse, she’s rapping in language too, that inspires me as well.”

“That’s my little brother, It was good to see him talk about his struggles.” Dallas said of his continued collaboration with Baker boy. “Our common ground is bringing our cultures to the forefront in what is the mainstream right now.” Sampa The Great added. “That’s something that I always saw and always admired in both Baker Boy and Dallas, and something I wanted to do for myself. Sometimes we put so much strain on artists, that they are even afraid to grow. I’m glad Baker Boy feels like he can actually express this element of himself. He doesn’t have to be one thing and that’s really beautiful.”

Better Days adds to the growing list of Baker Boy’s accomplishments. The musician recently took home a multitude of wins at the National Indigenous Music Awards (including Artist of The Year), his first Gold ARIA Certification (‘Cool As Hell)’, and numerous APRA and ARIA Award nominations (‘Cool As Hell’).

Better Days is out now!


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