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Watch our interview with Alec Mallia of Autosuggest below!

Australian outfit Autosuggest have shared their second release of the year with Mirror.

The musical project of frontman Alec Mallia, the track finds the musician and his band exploring darker sonic territory, meandering between pulled back and semi-maximalist production to create a textural and dynamic soundscape. Mallia's hypnotic vocals float above crunchy guitar melodies, luring you in as he explores a heated lust that simmers within.

"So the initial idea came from a particularly hot voice message I received once, and just the phrase “way you say fuck” just spoke to me as some sort of dirty little 00's style thing. Sat in my head for months before we belted it out in the space of a few days in the studio."

Since making their debut in 2017 with their EP Murmur, Autosuggest have shared three studio albums. 2019's Tame Harm, the outfits debut body of work, offered listeners a glimpse into their earlier electronica infused brand of indie-rock. Their sophomore effort, 2021's Introhedonism arrived alongside a legion of new fans following Mallia's foray into social media commentary. The musician began to fill the gap in the market: offering up his own video playlist where he gave his thoughts on a number of tracks he thinks you should be listening. Last years Every Kind Of You saw Autosuggest foray into a more synth-pop-based, working with INXS' Tim Farriss.

Mirror is out now!

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