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Read our recap below!

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After weeks of the judges deciding who could be the next Australian Idol, it’s finally Australia’s turn to decide. Tonight, we farewell two contestants as we inch closer and closer to the grand final.

To kick it off, the top twelve took to the stage together for the first time, giving a zesty performance of Lizzo’s About Damn Time. It was so lovely to see them all come together, and hear how each contestants vocals work in simpatico and feed off each other. The judges then gave their thoughts on last nights performances, which I won’t go over again since it’s basically in last nights recap.

Host Scott Tweedie revealed there was only a few points between the contestants who are safe, and those who will be in the final four. One by one, each vocalist were given the verdict. First we learn that Sash Seabourbe and Amali Dimond are through to the top ten, before the devastating news arrives that Ben Sheehy is the first act to be in the bottom four. Angelina Curtis is next to go through, whilst a visibly shocked Noora H is revealed as the next contestant in the bottom four. The next two safe contestants are Joshua Hannan, Royston Sagigi-Baira and Anya Hynninen but Jasey Fox has ended up in the bottom four. It’s down to Harry Hayden and Maya Weiss, who both received harsh feedback from the judges last night. But ultimately, Weiss is the final contestant in the bottom four.

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Fox is first up, performing Katy Perry’s Waking Up In Vegas. He sounds great, but I think it’s missing the entertainment value we’ve come to see in his previous performances. Weiss has prepared David Guetta and Sia’s Titanium. She’s emotional, but delivers an incredible vocal performance, belting out notes that we’ve yet to hear from her. There’s no doubt in my mind, she deserves a place in the top ten. Sheehy shows a new side, taking on Ike & Tina Turner’s River Deep - Mountain High. He sounded nervous, and it was one of his weaker performances throughout the competition. It’s clear Sheehy is one of my favourites, and if his journey ends tonight I hope he continues to find a musical output. Connick Jr. notes about the audiences voting pattern, “people at home are starting to develop relationships with all of you. They are not necessarily considering one performance. They are looking at everything you have done and it’s just really interesting. There are some folks that didn’t do as well last night.” Noora is tackling Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing, which is a hard song to pull off if you’re not Whitney Houston. She sounds great and hits those notes, but there’s something that doesn’t connect. Maybe it’s nerves and the situation of being in the bottom four, but the added vocal runs just didn’t feel organic.

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To break things up, Trainor is performing her viral smash hit, Made You Look. It’s a fun choreographed piece, with the singer surrounded by a troupe of dancers, that shows the contestants a glimpse into what their future could be like - international success. She passes the mic to Sandilands for a moment, and I’m not sure it was a vocal performance that would make it past the audition room. Trainor brings out her soulful side towards the end of the song, delivering great adlibs and runs, that show off her vocal chops. Of course, she receives a standing ovation and even a bow from Sandilands.

Now it’s the moment we’ve all been dreading, finding out who stays and who goes. The first contestant to make it through is Ben Sheehy. I shrieked in excitement, I can’t lie. The final singer safe for tonight is Noora H, following a very close result. That means Maya Weiss and Jasey Fox’s Idol journey has come to an end. Trainor says when she returns to tour following the birth of her second child, she wants them both to support her, and I hope she keeps to that, Connick Jr. gives his final advice to both contestants, saying "Tomorrow's a new day, get after it." Next week, the judges will pick what songs the top ten perform, and American Idol powerhouse Adam Lambert will take to the Australian Idol stage.

Watch Australian Idol on Channel 7 Sunday night at 7:00pm AEDT. Stream it on 7 Plus.


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