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Listen to the track below!

Image: Stephanie Cammarano

Australian singer-songwriter Amy Pollock has made her return with Waiting, marking the singers first release in three years.

Produced by Hayden Calnin, the atmospheric release places Pollock's mesmerising vocals above sparse guitar lines and delicate percussion, pushing up against her folk-meets-dark pop sonic realm. The song explores giving something another chance, only to be met once again with heartbreak and disappointment, and arrives alongside an official lyric video that stitches together home videos captures throughout the songs creation process.

"I wrote this song under the influence of heart break with the sobering realisation of falling into repeated patterns. ‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ feelings. We recorded Waiting just before the pandemic hit. There were a few times I almost released this track but the timing always felt off. All of my focus during the lock downs had to be on my mental health recovery and my creative ventures had to take a back seat for a little while. I have been waiting a long time for this (no pun intended) and I finally I feel like it is the right time to release it into the world." Pollock shares of the track.

Waiting is out now!


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