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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

South-East Queensland band Alt Fiction are amping up the tempo on their new track, Can’t Get It Right. With their debut single All My Friends taking triple j unearthed by storm, the band are keeping up the momentum delivering track after track of punk-rock goodness.

On Can’t Get It Right the navigate messing up and trying to start again, set to a loud and brash soundscape that is Alt Fiction at their best! Complete with a catchy, jangly verse riff the song features a gliding bass line, offbeat ad-libs and captivating lyricism and a shouting chorus.

Alt Fiction have been working together since their early teens, with the three brothers spending years perfecting their craft and honing in on their sound until it was authentically Alt Fiction. Starting off covering punk songs around their local rural town, the band began self-recording demos whilst testing out a number of band names. Landing on the name we know and love, Alt Fiction is a reminder that the trio are embracing the past whilst heading into the future with their aural athleticism, proto-Strokes guitars cresting to meet quotable lyrics about disaffection in the Internet era.

Can’t Get It Right is out now!


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