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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their live concert experience, ABBA Voyage, kicks off next May.

Image: Baillie Walsh.

WE'RE NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING! The most iconic four-piece of all time, everyones favourite Swedish musicians are well and truly back. ABBA have unveiled their first album in 40 years, Voyage. Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Fältskog, Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad are once again filling our souls with pop goodness.

Heralded by the singles I Still Have Faith in You, Don't Shut Me Down and Just a Notion, the record arrives complete with ten new tracks, recorded together at Anderson studio Riksmixningsverket in Stockholm. Bringing their signature melodic keys, captivating harmonies, evocative lyricism and that signature ABBA flair and drama, the tracks are laced with nostalgia and captures everything we've loved about the band since captivating audiences in 1974.

Like no time has passed at all, Voyage was written and produced by Benny and Björn, with Agnetha and Anni-Frid distinct vocals taking centre stage once more. Much of the programming and mixing was undertaken by Benny, with the album also featuring the Stockholm Concert Orchestra.

Of the album, Benny says: “We knew if there was a show, we would need a couple of new songs to go with it…When we got into the studio after 39 years it was like no time had passed...we had a great time. I speak to Frida and Agnetha, and know they’re extremely happy having done this.” Anni-Frid Lyngstad continues: “Those first sessions back in 2018 were such fun and when Benny called and asked if I’d consider singing some more, I jumped at it! And what songs!! My respect and love go out to these exceptionally talented, truly genius songwriters! Such joy it was to work with the group again. I am so happy with what we have made, and I dearly hope our fans feel the same.”

Agnetha Fältskog adds: “When we got back together in the studio, I had no idea what to expect…But Benny’s recording studio is such a friendly and safe environment, and before I knew it I was really enjoying myself! I can hardly believe that finally, the moment has come to share this with the world!” Björn Ulvaeus ends: “...So now we have ten songs - a whole album, called Voyage - because it's been a voyage, into uncharted territory...There must be something with the combination of Frida and Agnetha that makes that unique sound - when they started singing, it was ABBA.”

Earlier this year, the group announced their new live concert experience, ABBA Voyage.

The revolutionary new concert experience will bring the four-piece back to the stage, performing digitally with a live 10-piece band. Did we mention they're building their own arena just for ABBA Voyage? Well they are. The arena will be constructed in London and will house the live experience from May next year. The digital versions of ABBA have been created through the use of archival footage, with the implementation of motion-capture on present day ABBA who performed every song from the concert in front of 160 cameras. Working with a team of 850 from Industrial Light & Magic, the experience is set to bring the magic of ABBA to life, bringing the 1979 era of the band to the stage.

Voyage is out now!


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