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In The Zone is out now!

Image: Chayto Nadin.

Naarm/Melbourne based artist Juice Webster has delivered her new single, In The Zone. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY five things that have inspired her new sonic direction.

“In The Zone is all about disconnection and anxiety. The confusion that comes when things are going one way, and then the wind changes and suddenly you don’t know where you are anymore. Sometimes I find myself feeling so tired it’s as though I’m on one side of a sheer curtain and everything else is on the other side. I can see and hear what’s going on, but I’m not quite there, and while I’m persevering, I’m kind of struggling.” the singer shares of the track.


There’s something about water and swimming and bathing that I’ve always felt really drawn to. I love the feeling of water on my head, and being submerged or held by something so vast and elemental. It hasn’t been a conscious decision, but I’ve noticed that water has become a consistent visual and lyrical concept within my new music. It makes me think of a clean slate, or a rebirth, and in many ways I think my new music is just that.


The passing of time and changing tides has always been a theme in my music, and I think it always will be. I feel kind of consistently paralysed by it. At the end of 2020, my sister welcomed a baby, and a few months after that, my brother did too. There’s nothing quite like your siblings having kids to hammer home the passing of time, and I’ve noticed those themes creeping more and more into the foreground of my psyche since the arrival of my nephews.


I ended up going to this Wolf Alice gig quite last minute at The Forum last year, and it was the first big show I’d seen since lockdowns ended in Melbourne. I just thought the show was so wild. I think it was a combination of the show actually being wild, being surrounded by a really passionate fan base, and this euphoric feeling of live music returning. I just loved it. I was in the middle of recording at the time, and felt really inspired by the energy of the show, and also the variety in their music.


This might seem a bit strange. By nature I’m quite a verbose person, and I often feel like I have to talk things out in order to process or make sense of them. That’s part of the reason I write songs. I’ve often looked to other people who seem more considered or thoughtful in their responses to things and yearned for that same kind of control. This line of thinking has led me to a lot of self-reflection which I think has made it into my music, by exercising restraint sonically and thinking deeply about what I’m trying to say.


Since releasing my EP More Than Reaction in 2021, I’ve played a bunch of live shows with the band of my dreams. Both rehearsing and performing with this band has had a huge influence on my new music and allowed me time to experiment and try new things before recording. I learnt so much about my songs going through that process - what felt good, what didn’t, what was the set missing, what did the audience respond to? Being able to experience my new music in a live setting before recording it really influenced how it ultimately sounds.

In The Zone is out now!


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