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People Like Me is out now!

Image: Giulia McGauran.

Australian genre bending queer creatives Cry Club recently shared their new single, People Like Me, alongside the announcement of an east coast tour. To celebrate the release, the duo have shared with MILKY five things they're most looking forward to about hitting the road!

“Finally, a new song gets to go out the door! We’ve been holding onto this one for a good long while now - initially written in one of the heavy lockdowns in Melbourne, I think this song reflects our need for excitement in that time. Every act under the sun is gonna have their “what we did in lockdown” music, but we found ourselves using that time as an outlet for having as much fun as possible and exploring into directions we previously thought were off limits to us.” one half of the duo Jono Tooke shares.

Heather Riley adds, “I often feel this pressure about being queer and trans, like I have to be sweet and kind at all times to prove that I deserve to be treated like any other person. It’s exhausting, just constantly having to justify my existence and to people who wouldn’t change their mind either way. I love this song so much, it’s finally letting all of that go and not just accepting but celebrating the fact that we don’t need permission or approval to do whatever the fuck we want. Releasing all that frustration and relishing in the bizarre power trip of being able to piss off bigots by simply existing as ourselves.”

Kicking off in Wollongong on June 19, the run of shows will continue on to Melbourne and Brisbane, before wrapping up in Sydney on July 8. Tickets are on sale now


Aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you just wanna go apeshit? Okay no but really it’s such an important outlet for us, getting to thrash around onstage and finally perform these songs we’ve been holding onto for over a year now!! Connecting to people in a way that you can only do through yelling about what makes you mad, and finding a community of people through that is so necessary for our mental health and we’ve been missing it so much since 2020.

Hearing everyone sing along to songs is also literally The Best Thing Ever so we cannot waaaaait to hear everyone sing along to People Like Me for the first time!!!


Honestly over the last couple of years, Cry Club shows have gradually become the place where people are showing up in the best possible outfits and even matching our glitter tear makeup? It fucking rules. We also love to have drag artists on the bill which has led to people showing up in drag to some shows! MORE OF THIS PLEASE! We’re stoked to create this kind of space where people can show up as their favourite version of themselves and even as our sound evolves, that safe space will always be something we keep as top priority on tour.


Ok so when touring you just gotta eat well, trashing yourself on food you hate makes the whole experience absolutely horrible so we have a series of preferred places to go. Even if it’s not really super healthy food, having the thing you can only get in a certain city is always a big pick-me-up. For this tour we’ll likely be hitting up:

  • Wollongong - gotta hit Indian Home Diner and then the morning coffee at Delano’s.

  • Melbourne - we live here now, so the move has become the post-show slushie on the way home.

  • Brisbane - It used to be Lucky Egg Fried Chicken, RIP to a real one :( Taking recommendations on the best places to go now!!

  • Sydney - whenever possible it’s about getting to Thirsty Bird for The Stinger Burger, or a visit to Harry’s Cafe de Wheels for that true Sydney experience.

Our current favourite game is finding the absolute best vegan cafe in each major city to see how they compare. Cherry Darlings in Adelaide and Flora & Fauna in Perth are top of the list at the moment, but we’re always taking recommendations on this front!


Now that things seem less likely to shut down at a moment's notice, we get to participate in our favourite sport again: catching a glimpse of pals from interstate bands at the Virgin oversized baggage check-in and sprinting after them to say hi!! Making interstate friends has been the best thing about touring, and finally being able to catch up with them is something we’re looking forward to immensely. There’s a very specific kind of joy that comes with running into your favourite people at the airport, it’s so wholesome, especially when airports can be so exhausting and stressful. Even just the experience of getting a little starstruck by the people also waiting for their oversized luggage is a lot of fun haha


Honestly after what the last couple of years have been, just being able to say we’re doing our own headline tour is a GODDAMN MIRACLE. We tried so many times to get some shows off the ground, especially to Wollongong, but we just kept having everything go wrong - even outside of covid stuff! The venue fully lost power for like a week at one point!

Never getting to tour our debut album was such a massive crusher for us, so with this tour looking to be super locked we’re just a combination of absolutely stoked/relieved/nervous to do it all and start showing off some more of the new songs we’ve been working on!!!

People Like Me is out now!


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