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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


shoOsh is out now!

Image: Fletcher Crebert.

Perth hip-hop artist Oshua drops his commanding new track shoOsh. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five fellow Perth-based artists who have inspired him.

“I was inspired to write this song from those conversations that you have where it feels like there's no substance to it, I've come to learn that it's better to talk less and listen more, both to myself and to other people." Oshua shares.


Hector has something so unique about his music, there’s a certain type of peace that I get when I listen to him that reminds me of Perth, he describes it as “old style pop songs with some kind of lo-fi crusty instrumentation. A lot of influence from early 2000s hip hop and a lot of jazz music” –. In terms of inspiration, I think it’s his effort behind the details, both in production and his vocals, that inspire me. The time spent on each track is crystal clear and there are always little details that I find when I relisten. I always know my ear is going to get fresh sounds and a unique take on music, I really think he perfectly captures Perth.


Firstly, Adrian is a MUST see live-act if you’re ever in Perth - he has an inspiring take on Afro-pop, mixing R&B and Afro rhythms together into music that makes you want to feel good. If I’m looking for music to lift my mood then he is my current go-to, his blend of sounds is something that inspires me and to quote Adrian “Perth has opened up my mind to new sounds that I wouldn’t usually listen to.” – I think he couldn’t be more right as I feel the exact same way.


An A-class act live, in the studio and everywhere else, Tobias just gets it, what inspires me about Tobias is his sound selection, live energy and how he handles the artist lifestyle – he has consistent content outside of his music that should inspire any artist to keep on going, he seems relatable in everything that he does which is something that I’ve found to be very rare.


Wesley in my eyes is a Perth gem. He has raw energy and talent that he captures perfectly in his music, to quote Wesley “I personify my own confidence in the music I make, being in a small city doesn’t have to restrict big ideas and executing something at any scale” – I fully agree, understand and back this, when I try and execute something I have in my head, I never want to restrict myself. To add to this inspiration, from personal experience, his live performances are an inspiration in itself; he knows how to control a crowd and he knows exactly how much energy to put into a track depending on the type of song. Theres a certain stage presence that he has that I don’t think you can learn, you just have to have it, you have to see Wesley for yourself to understand what I mean.


Harry is the artist that I’m most excited to hear more music from, having only one song out on SoundCloud shouldn’t be much to go off of – but it is, he is already making star-quality music and he is only going to get better – what inspires me about Harry is that he clearly has talent, but he has the work ethic to go with it. Being in the studio with him and seeing how he creates and views music is something that I will continue to appreciate.

shoOsh is out now!


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